"...we want to motivate people
to know the truth so that they can become
free in Christ to serve others..."

What started as a small, weekend Bible school is now the fastest-growing Lutheran academic institution in Slovakia. After 17 years of miracles, we have purchased a permanent home – the 97,000-square-foot property through a 2 million euro loan – and have commenced its reconstruction. These renovations will allow us to:

  • Provide a permanent home to complete our 5 year bilingual high school.
  • Double the size of our preschool.
  • Reduce our waiting list by having three, instead of two classes, per grade.
  • Have decent sport, dining, and study facilities.
  • Our enrollment will increase from 500 students to 800 in just 3 years, so we can share the Gospel with hundreds more children and their families on daily basis for many years ahead.


If you like to be part of this adventure, JOIN IN to Invest, Inspire, and Invite.


Join In!


Invest:  Quality has a cost, but we believe that our students are worth the investment. With your financial support we can create a learning atmosphere for our students to thrive in for generations to come. An investment in the CCE is an investment in lasting, high-quality Christian education. Our model has been successful over the years and we have demonstrated to our bank partner that it is for the long term. This model is contingent on the confidence of our investors and is not possible without the grace of God. With your investment in our community, we can make space for hundreds of children to have a quality education and grow in the Word of God. Whether you feel called to purchase a desk or sponsor a classroom your act of kindness will not be forgotten.


Inspire:  While funds are needed to achieve our goals, we also intend to fill this space with stories of generosity. The days of communism are over, but it left a mentality of self- preservation and a lack of generosity that still plagues our culture today; the CCE is teaching people to reverse this trend.


Our school was recognized by "People in Peril," a nonprofit organization, for being the most charitable school in Slovakia for teaching our community about the joys of giving. We have found that the best way to teach is by example, and your example can help shape our future.


Whatever your personal motivation – the joy of giving, a passion for youth, a heart for education, your Christian faith, or a donation made in honor of someone who inspires you – we want to share your story. Each item will display the name of the donor along with an electronic pathway to your story. Every year, students will read your story as a part of our school-wide curriculum to build a spirit of generosity. Your acts of charity can help inspire a school – and a nation.


Invite:  While your story will inspire the people of Slovakia, it also can be used to encourage others to join our mission. Though we do our best to spread our message through media, and resources, it is your testimony that can reach above and beyond our limitations of distance. Your story holds the credibility that can reap exponential benefits as you share with those around you the amazing things happening at the CCE in Slovakia.


We are calling on all of our partners to help expand our family and consider those that might have a heart for our school and its mission. By teaming up with friends and family you can spread the message and join together in shaping the future of the CCE. We invite everyone to come and experience the miracle!


Thank you for being a part of this journey as we continue to expand the impact our school has on its students and the community. We invite you to continually keep us in your prayers and to thoughtfully consider joining those who have already contributed to our reconstruction efforts. We value every gift, treasure every story, and praise God for every relationship you create for the CCE. Join with those who continue to support our efforts by investing, inspiring, and inviting others to build a lasting home for Christian education in our country.


The aim for this web portal is to make the giving transparent and easy to access. Through this web page the fundraising and reconstruction progress will be available to access at any time. Donors will be able to track their contribution and see how it was used. The web portal will generate thank you letters and identify all specific items that will carry the donor's name and story.




Bohdan Hroboň, President of CCE