"...we want to motivate people
to know the truth so that they can become
free in Christ to serve others..."


The Center for Christian Education is a place where the people of all ages can learn and experience the love of Christ. We wish to spread the gospel in the post-communist part of the world and to reintroduce a church which is faithful to its calling and relevant in today´s society. We aim to do this via excellent quality education focused on theology, social ministry and mission.

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Message from the President

Dear Friends of the Center for Christian Education (CCE),

For 40 years, due to communist regime, people in Slovakia could not freely adhere to Christian principles, let alone acknowledge Christian education as an important value. The life of the church was narrowed to ministry by pastors only. Lay ministry was unwelcomed and any efforts in the area of church growth were stopped radically. Due to the damaging effects of communism on people´s belief system, many families have almost completely wandered away from the church. Spiritual poverty and lack of values has become a common feature in many lives.

Since 1989, after communist regime was finally over, Christianity in Slovakia got its second chance. The church once again began to rediscover its purpose and mission. The freedom of religious creed and faith enabled religion classes to be taught even in public schools and institutions providing Christian education could be established without previous restrictions. However, the circumstances for spreading the Gospel are still far from ideal. The church is struggling greatly from the lack of professional lay workers, who need to be educated and trained for efficient ministry. Christian schools are fighting the middle generation parents´ distrust, dedicating much of their effort into convincing them that rooting Christian principles in their children´s hearts is the most valuable asset for their future life.

Although the general public´s mindset is still not welcoming, the time has never been more right and the need for change is urging. In 1998 this need resulted in the establishment of the Bible school in Martin, which educates and trains lay people in the area of teaching, social work, mission and youth ministries. Six years later, Lutheran elementary school welcomed its first students and in January 2012 Department of Religious studies within the University of Žilina was established. Since September 2012, the CCE has been blessed to be able to open the first year of Lutheran preschool, reaching to our smallest ones. After almost 15 years of its existence, CCE now serves a total of 500 people on regular basis.

We are thankful to all of our partners helping us to use this historical opportunity for spreading the Gospel in the post-communist part of the World. Above all, we are grateful for God´s continuous guidance and care, rejoicing over the place where the people of all ages can learn and experience the love of Christ!

Bohdan Hroboň
President of CCE