"...we want to motivate people
to know the truth so that they can become
free in Christ to serve others..."

Center for Christian Education in Martin


Dear friends,
we at the Center for Christian Education in Martin, Slovakia, wish to be in better contact with our friends and partners. In order for this to happen, webpage and e-mail communication seems to be the most convenient. Our webpage – www.cce.sk – is updated on monthly basis. If you wish to stay in touch with us, please subscribe by filling in your e-mail address and we will regularly notify you about the news from the Center for Christian Education.



| M. R. Štefánika 17
| 036 01 Martin
| Slovakia

| phone: 00421 43 4222 992
               00421 43 324 02 60
               00421 918 487 938

| Account number: 282 737 0156/1100
| S.W.I.F.T. code: TATR SK BX
| IBAN: SK93 1100 0000 0028 2737 0156
| The Bank Adress: Tatra banka a.s.,
                                 M.R.Stefanika 70,
                                 036 01 Martin,
                                 Slovak Republic

CCE office: cce@cce.sk

CCE Director of Development: adrian.kacian@gmail.com

Vision Slovakia: pberge@saintandrews.org

Lutheran Elementary School
and Lutheran High School: jozef.sopoliga@cce.sk

CCE Mission Program Coordinator: tomas.gulan@cce.sk