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Christian education foudation

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION FOUNDATION was established according to “The Act No. 34/2002 Coll. on foundations and it is one of the institutions operating within the Center for Christian Education in Martin, Slovakia (CCE).  It´s main objective, according to its Statute, is to support educational and mission activities and projects in accordance with the official creed of Slovak Evangelical Lutheran church of the Augsburg confession.


The foundation is responsible for all internal and external, domestic and international fundraising for and by the CCE.  Ever since its start in 2011, the foundation has been active mainly in soliciting and gathering contributions from US and other international partners to support the Lutheran Elementary school, Lutheran pre-school and Bible school of the CCE.  Thanks to the generosity of many individual and corporate donors, the foundation has been able to financially help the CCE institutions in their present and future projects and thus provide a supplement to government funding for their activities.  Looking at the current solid partnerships with the possibility of new ones, the foundation hopes it may continue to do so.


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