"...we want to motivate people
to know the truth so that they can become
free in Christ to serve others..."

1. Who is the Lutheran Academy?

The Lutheran Academy is a nationally ranked Christian school serving preschool through high school. The Lutheran Academy exists to tell post-communist Slovakia about the love of Christ.

2. Why does the Lutheran Academy need donations?

The challenges the Lutheran Academy face stem from a deeply rooted communist stranglehold embedded in their culture. Although the oppression and tyranny of the communist regime has fallen, many are still reluctant towards Christianity. This reluctance towards Christian education creates a seemingly unsurmountable hurdle for the Lutheran Academy, for they are not able to solely rely on domestic support and must depend on friends abroad.


However, with the completion of this building project, the Lutheran Academy is moving to a self sufficient model. With the additional space provided by the building, we will be able to add additional students whose tuition and support will cover our annual expenses.

3. How is my gift supporting the building reconstruction?

100% of each donation goes directly towards the comprehensive building campaign which includes all of the reconstruction costs associated with our new home. With the purchase of an item or classroom, you will be able to come to Slovakia and see your name displayed. We invite all of our donors to come see the miracle for themselves!


4. How is my gift tax deductible?

You donation goes directly to the New Heights Foundation who will wire transfer 100% of the funds to the Lutheran Academy.


5. Who is the New Heights Foundation?

The New Heights Foundation is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization established in Vancouver Washington. One of the purposes of the Foundation is to support international Christian education. The Center for Christian Education and Lutheran Academy in Martin, Slovakia is an important focus for the Foundation. New Heights Foundation will accept US-originated donations for the Center for Christian Education and will provide receipts to the donors in the manner required by the United States Internal Revenue Service. Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible in the United States to the full extent allowed by law. All donations to the Foundation that are designated for the Center for Christian Education and Lutheran Academy will be used for that purpose or returned to the donors. Using the New Heights Foundation for US donations enables us to provide tax benefits for our US donors and partners us with a trusted US based qualified charity.


6. Are there references that I can contact in the United States?

For references please contact our US advisory board members: 


Paul Berge pberge@saintandrews.org

Mark Johnson and Shelly Johnson sjohnson@newheights.org

Bob Lohn bobnjanice@gmail.com

Kaye and Terry Myhre kmyhre@globeuniversity.edu

Don Swanson dswanson@dcvast.com