"...we want to motivate people
to know the truth so that they can become
free in Christ to serve others..."

At St. Andrews, we truly recognize the blessing of being able to educate in a Christian environment, and we're constantly talking to our students about that. We have the opportunity to bring Jesus Christ into everything we do and teach here, and our students understand that that's special. For the 2015-2016 school year, we were given the opportunity to support the CCE as a "mission of the month" with the chapel offerings that our students brought in. Because our students know how blessed they've been by the chance to go to a Christian school, they were eager to help out, so that kids and adults of all ages in Slovakia might have the same opportunities to learn about Christ through their education!

Katie Otto
Director of Christian Education
St. Andrews Lutheran Church
Park Ridge, IL



I said to my wife, "If Lutheran Academy had been around when I was a boy, I would have picked that school as my first choice!"


Michal Gontko,
parent of three children in Lutheran Academy



My wife and I both work. When our daughter was two years old we started to look for a preschool for her. Once as we were sitting down by the dinner table, our daughter surprised us by folding her hands and saying "dear God thank you for this meal." We, as parents, were overwhelmed wondering how this could just spring from such a little kid's mind. Of course, it was very cute. When we asked her about it, she responded: "well, when I go to the dining hall with my classmates, we always thank God." It is great to see our children are being taught good manners and respect.


Rastislav Zábronský,
parent of daughter in Kindergarten



It was truly an eye opening moment when I had the chance to watch what the school looks like, and what approach the teachers have there. My children are coming home from school with positive feelings, and they enjoy returning back to school much more than we did when we were kids. For me it is a sign that the school is not just mindless drills. The time my daughters spends here is meaningful for them.


Tibor Frátrik,
parent of two daughters from Lutheran elementary school



I would say that our daughters, two little gospel preachers at home, go beyond the level of their parents, because they talk with their grandparents as well. My mom was starting to go church regularly again. Many things are changing in our family.


Vanda Krčíková,
parent of two daughters from Lutheran elementary school



One day he came up with the idea of transfering to Lutheran Academy. My son began to join the new school not only from the academic perspective, but also from the perspective of his faith. He started to experience his faith differently. At the same time, the change deeply influenced our family.


Miriam Martonová,
parent of High School student



This school provides integrated support for children with different learning disabilities. This allows the children to view them as an equal part of society, and accept them instead of ridiculing them. My children have never experienced bullying or felt inferior at this school. This is not common in the other schools.


Michal Gontko,
parent of three children in Lutheran Academy




As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to proclaim the Good News. And nowhere in this world have we seen the Gospel more faithfully proclaimed and lived out than in Martin, Slovakia, at the Center for Christian Education.


God's abundant grace and power are surely at work at CCE. Time and time again, we have seen CCE surmount extraordinary challenges and not only survive but thrive! CCE staff dedicate their lives to the Lord and daily bear witness to God's saving grace. For these reasons and more, we joyously answer Christ's call to help others. We are blessed to walk with the Center for Christian Education.


Bob & Kathryn Jandeska



I can say we have two little gospel preachers at home, who lead us back to the things that had been cover in dust by polishing them off again. They have questions regarding bible passages, and we, as parents, have to sit down and read the texts. We don't want to look stupid not having answers to their questions. I would say they contribute to the formation of spirituality in our family.


Tibor Frátrik, 
parent of two daughters from Lutheran elementary school