Progress Report – 2021, SEPTEMBER

Martin | Slovakia | September | 2021


Dear Friends and Partners,

The new school year 2021-2022 has started and we are back with our news. From day one, along with the psalmist, we lift up our eyes and ask God for help and protection (Psalm 121:1). The past has taught us that whatever crisis we face, God is ready to help. Our student pastors Natalia and Janka prayed for God’s care on behalf of all of us at the opening worship services. As in the past we could not fit all the students and parents in our church, so we held three services.

The total student body in our Lutheran Academy Martin Slovakia (LAMS) increased by 16 from last year. Presently LAMS numbers 744 students (71 in the kindergarten, 177 in the elementary school, 248 in the secondary school, and 248 in the bilingual high school) with 102 staff members (80 teachers, 22 administration and supporting staff). We still hold the distinction of the largest Lutheran educational institution in Slovakia.

During September, the quality of education was not significantly suppressed by the COVID-19 restrictions. Students and teachers had to wear masks, use disinfectants, undergo regular testing, and keep a safe distance when necessary. Although these regulations caused inconveniences, after so many months of distance learning they could not take away enjoyment from being and learning together. We hope that this status will continue most of the school year and the pandemic will gradually lose its strength.

We are happy to introduce Nick Anderson and Lauren Kroschel from St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Mahtomedi, MN, who joined our teaching staff for this school year. They both are teachers and, in addition to English, they teach math and Christian religion classes. They significantly increased the quality of our bilingual program, and here is their first reflection of our school and Slovakia:

“We are so grateful to be welcomed into such a faithful and supportive environment. Our first few weeks in Slovakia have been filled with new adventures and connections. From exploring surrounding mountain trails to becoming familiar with public transit, we enjoy every new experience we come across. In addition, we are now familiar with soup at lunchtime and have found we love Halušky (potato dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon crumbs). We are ecstatic to be teaching in the bilingual high school. So far, we have found this experience rewarding as we have the opportunity to work with remarkable students, alongside superior colleagues, and under the mission of the Lutheran tradition. Again, we would like to give thanks to the CCE and LAMS for making this adventure possible for us.”

The Music Room is equipped and used. All our school musicians and especially Tomáš Gulan, the school music director, are very happy about this. In addition, the drama/skit club uses this room for its rehearsals. It makes our school a better place because, as well known, music and drama are very important for teenagers to express their emotions, interact with their peers, and participate in a meaningful final product. These activities can effectively draw them into healthy social interaction and reduce their time with cell phones and boredom. We again thank all of you for your help with this project.

We also want to thank you for your continuing support of our school, even though the world situation is still far from stable. The paperwork for the final reconstruction of the New Building including the Indoor Gym was slowed down due to COVID and the injury of our architect. Her recovery is going well so soon the process will get back to normal. This school year is not going to be easy, but we are not alone in this mission. You have proven to be in it with us for better or worse and together we can lift up our eyes to God who is always ready to help.

Yours in His service,

Adrian Kacian, Director of Development            Bohdan Hroboň, president of CCE

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