Lutheran Elementary School in Martin

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The Lutheran Academy was created to be a place where children could come to know Jesus Christ, be free to ask the most important questions about life, God, and the world, and receive competent, high-quality Christian instruction. We have created an atmosphere that:

  • Encourages openness
  • Enhances the joy of discovery
  • Helps children develop their intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual talents
  • Inspires them to use these gifts to the glory of God and service to others

We believe that a Lutheran elementary school is the most effective mission tool for making a great impact, not only on the lives of students, but also on the lives of their parents, families, and congregations.

It is mission through education. The apostle Paul says that we need to teach in truth and love, giving the Word of Christ space in us so that we can teach with every detail in our lives – words and actions – in the name of Jesus.

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