The International School for Holocaust Studies

The history of the Holocaust is complex and complicated at the same time, so it can be very challenging to mediate the topic with students in the 21st century. Our teacher Katarína Jakubcová was a participant in the team of teachers from Slovakia in December 2017, who had the opportunity to take part in the educational seminars directly in Jad Vashem. The International School for the Study of the Holocaust at Jad Vashem started the cooperation with the Slovak Republic through the Ministry of Education in 2002, when the first seminar for Slovak teachers was held.

We learned in this seminar that the best graduates of the two previous levels of Holocaust education in the Slovak Republic have already implemented the knowledge and skills into their school practice.

Jad Vashem participants appreciate the professional excellence and high quality of the training seminars in the ISHS. Attending seminars in Jad Vashem gives them a qualitative shift, impulse and motivation into their pedagogical practice.

“… A lot of interesting workshops were held, through which our knowledge on how to teach about Holocaust was extended…”

“… the lectures were very professional, they contributed to the widening of my knowledge … the pedagogical-didactic part was very inspiring …”

“lectures were high-quality, very professional, interactive and creative; they are motivation and inspiration for all participants …“ said the participants.

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  1. Adriana Beňová says:

    Som neskutocna vdacna ludom, ktori su pripraveny hovorit o tejto teme. Vdaka za odvahu aj uprimnost.

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