An American Thanksgiving in Slovakia

Last Thursday, the CCE Bible School was full of parents, students, and staff gathered to celebrated a traditional American Thanksgiving complete with 2 turkeys, cornbread, and cranberry sauce. The food was made by our 5 American teachers and the entertainment was provided by our students who spent time in the U.S through our summer program.

To begin the night, our American teachers prepared a short presentation sharing traditions such as watching football, turkey trots, and breaking the wishbone. Everyone was then invited to write down a blessing to put on our thanksgiving tree; we were happy to see that many of the blessings written pertained to the positive experience students have at our school!

When we realize how much God has blessed us, it makes us want to serve others. With this idea, Bohdan introduced our service project to support a Floridian school destroyed by Hurricane Irma.

It was then time for our students to share stories about time spent in the States through our summer program. We listened to stories about summer camps, trips to famous landmarks, and the wonders of COSCO.

The rest of the evening was spent feasting on traditional American cuisine and spending time with our CCE family. However, our “family” gathering of over 100 people drew the attention of the local media, serving as another example of the unique experiences our school offers and the positive role we play in the community.

This Thanksgiving we have much to be thankful for: our growing school, new building, and American friends. We are grateful for the chance to share our joy in the Lord with hearts of thanksgiving and praise!


If you are interested in supporting our American teachers or hosting a student over the summer please contact

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