Write for Rights

Just before the Christmas school holidays, when people were busy with preparing gifts for their loved ones, we organized an event for people who are afraid about what the future might bring to them. These people are facing threats because of injustices being done to them. With Amnesty International, we joined in the effort of writing formal letters and appealing to authorities. In the past, many cases have been solved and those who were persecuted have found help and justice through this effort.

This year, we could write letters for several cases. Just to give a few examples, there are two young Europeans who helped migrants on Greek islands and are accused of human trafficking, an Iranian woman who was arrested for not covering her head in public, a boy from Mexico who was beaten by police, and a Ukrainian boy who was arrested in Belarus.

Through this campaign, students learned about the various cases in English, then we had a discussion where we tried to clarify and give more information, and finally students could choose one person and write a formal letter according to an example on behalf of the persecuted person. Some students wrote more than one because they were really interested in their difficult situations.

Mgr. Ľuboš Froľo

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