Students seek solutions to Venezuelan humanitarian crisis – MARMUN

Secondary school students from Slovakia and Hungary sought solutions to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, and the protection of seas and oceans. They dealt with these matters at a model United Nations conference during the last weekend of January, organised by students of the Lutheran Academy in Martin.

More than 95 students participated at the conference. They were divided into five committees, each of which attempted to solve one specific issue. The Economic and Social Council discussed Venezuela, while the Environment Commission took on the issue of protecting the seas and oceans. There was also a Historical Security Council, which imagined it was 1992 and looked for solutions to the Bosnian War, and a Futuristic Security Council which dealt with the potential re-emergence of the Ottoman Empire. Finally, there was the Human Rights Council, which looked at the abuses of the rights of the LGBT community.

“During the first day, students debated their topics and tried to reach common solutions. On the second day, they concluded their discussions and prepared formal agreements on the issues. These were presented at a General Assembly (GA) at the end of the conference. Four of the five commissions had their agreements approved at the GA, which we think is an excellent result,” said Klára Zemková, one of the Lutheran Academy student organisers.

She also explained that the best delegates were rewarded for their responsible and active approach to the work of the conference. “The two best delegates will be able to participate at a similar, larger conference in Poland, where they will be able to present their diplomatic skills at a more international level. We are proud that everything went so well even though it was the first time we had organised a conference like this,” concluded Klára.

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