Kindergarteners Visit CCE Director, Bohdan Hroboň, at His Home in Zaborie

The Word of God contains many recommendations for how one should keep on the narrow path that runs with the way of the Lord. One of these recommendations is in Hebrews – “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.” (Hebrews 13,2). This Bible verse spoke to the teacher of the Lutheran kindergarten to our preschoolers and kindergartners (Lutheran preschool and kindergarten in Martin).

Breakfast on the Lawn

The group visited Záborie a small village 5 miles from Martin, in the spirit of good humor and many new experiences. The children welcomed picturesque villages and the lovely smiles of the Hroboň family that welcomed them. They were delighted about the freshly cooked breakfast as well ☺

“Bohdan Hroboň prepared tables with benches while his wife arranged drinks” the teacher Zuzka Piatriková describes. Children liked the prepared meal A LOT. “We do not know whether it was the fresh air or the environment, but they ate almost everything”, Zuzka says.

New title for Bohdan

After a tasty meal, the children happily started to play. The house and big garden constituted an ideal space for trying out Fitballs and sun loungers. Toys were available, so children really had a good time playing. We have to add that “they fully enjoyed Uncle Bohdan who cooked stew in a pot on the fire. For his cooking skills he received from the children a rare award, “Best Chef in the World.”

Treasure hunt

The biggest surprise for the children was a treasure hunt. Aunt Biba put orange clues around the village that ultimately led us to the treasure. Thanks to the clues we got to the see little cows and calves. The Children had a great time at the picnic. Another huge success was our walk in a field of wheat that led to them rolling down the hill. “Finally, we came to treasure and a great lunch – it was a win”, says Zuzka Piatriková.

A Fairy Tale … and sleep ;)

After fun, yet challenging activities, the children came into the house. Aunt Biba read them ‘’The Tale of Teddy Bear Alex.” The activities in the fresh air, along with the good food and fairy tale for children brought the desired effect – “Some children in afternoon took a nice long nap ☺,” Z. Piatriková describes with a smile

We thank our dear Hroboň family and the Lord that they were looking out for us all day. It was a beautiful way to seal the past school year.

Preschoolers, kindergartners and their teacher

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  1. Irmgard Swanson says:

    What a delightful day the children had! I could imagine being there myself and participating in all the activities. The children were blessed by the Hrobon family’s loving hospitality, and I imagine the Hrobon family felt blessed by the children as well.

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