From Our 5th Graders – Our Paper Collection

Since we no longer have classroom board games (e.g. Scrabble, Tick Tock Boom), we have finally approved the selection of new games that were of the most interesting. Teachers, however, wanted us to earn the money to buy these games ourselves. So we started to think how…

We decided to use our favorite method: paper collection. Our teacher approved of it because he saw our initiative. I admit that purchasing the games were not such a big motivator as the ice cream we had earlier, but regardless, we have started to work.

It was pretty strenuous, but many of us get rid of unneeded paper. It was not easy, that’s all we can say, but we were satisfied with our achievement.

Friday was D-Day. Our classmates Vincent Talapka and David Koval, along with teacher took the collected paper. We had previously loaded the paper car with collected paper all together, now it was more or less hidden.

So on Monday, everyone asked, “You know the how much we had paper? And above all, how many euros do we have? Will it be enough to buy games, or will we still do not have enough?”

Neither Vinco, David, nor the teacher said anything. Then, the teacher said with a smile, “Students, congratulations, you have 22 euros!” The class was completely silent for a moment. But then “HURRAY!” was shouted and echoed everywhere.

After the class. we shared our success with the entire first floor of the school. In conclusion, we may say that the collection of paper for each classmate was very successful.

Katka Rašková, 5th grade student

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