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Lutheran Preschool and Kindergarten

We feel thankful for God’s abundant blessings these days. Thanks to God´s grace we have managed to establish a Lutheran Kindergarten, which means another step forward in Christian education in Slovakia. The Kindergarten began to bring the gospel to our little children on the first day of this school year. The same day, 2nd of September 2012, the Kindergarten was blessed and sanctified by the pastor of the Lutheran church in Martin, Milan Kubík, who dedicated the new space to our God: “This residence is the fulfillment of God’s blessing; we pray that our God will live here and be parent, teacher and comforter in this place.”

In addition to daily English study, the goal of the Kindergarten is to raise kids in Christian values through kind and believing teachers. The possibility of continuing on in the Lutheran elementary school in Martin, which goes through the 9th, grade, is another goal of this Kindergarten. That’s why the director of the Lutheran elementary school, Jozef Sopoliga, said on opening day: “Our goal is to give little children in the Kindergarten the opportunity of growth in English language learning and in this way prepare them for entry at the bilingual Lutheran elementary school in Martin.”

In addition to preparing the Kindergarteners for the Lutheran elementary school, the hope is that the elementary school children will also be prepared to continue on in the bilingual high school which will start in September 2013. Along with the two existing college education programs – English and Christian Education and Mission Work with Children and Youth – this vision has become reality. Twenty years after the fall of communism and its lack of religious freedom, we are now able to educate and raise children, youth and adults in the Christian worldview. By the grace of God we are teaching students from Kindergarten through College in the love and faith of the Lord.


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