Progress Report – 2023 – September

Martin | Slovakia | September | 2023


Dear Friends and Partners,

In Slovakia, the month of September traditionally means the beginning of a new school year. At the Lutheran Academy in Martin, we opened 2023/2024 as usually – worshipping and thanking God for all his support and help. Our school pastors Jana Bosákova and Natália Kacianová reminded us that only a good tree brings forth good fruit (Matt 7:17-18) and the Holy Spirit is the guarantee of it in us. The enrollment is similar to the previous year: 776 students (72 in kindergarten, 460 in elementary and middle schools, and 244 in the high school) and 102 staff members (80 teachers and 22 administration and supporting staff). 21 Ukrainian refugee students are a regular part of our student body this school year as we continue to support the Ukrainian Community Center in Martin.

In September we strengthened our partnership with the Hales Corners Lutheran Church and School in Hales Corners, WI. Two of our teachers, Natalia Kacianová and Ľuboš Froľo, participated at their Mission Festival presenting our school ministry and recruiting volunteers for the June 2024 J-Camp that this church traditionally provides for our middle schoolers. Natalia and Ľuboš visited our partner schools in the area, discussing teacher and student exchanges. We hope that three teachers from the Hales Corners Lutheran School will be able to visit us and share their good fruit of teaching practices and faith witness in early Spring 2024.

Fides and Ratio is the name of an encyclical letter written by Pope John Paul II, published on September 14, 1998, emphasizing complementary roles of faith and reason in human pursuit for truth. In honour of this letter, every September the Slovak Roman Catholic Church awards distinguished scholars for their achievements bridging faith and reason. This September, CCE representatives Bohdan Hroboň and Adrian Kacian were honored with this award together with their colleagues for producing first ten volumes of critical commentary on the books of the Old Testament. Participating in this ecumenical project, Bohdan and Adrian are bringing the fruit of their studies and carry on the original CCE mission: spreading the word of God to Slovak people.

Last month was also very busy with reconstructing the roof on our main building. The original roof covering was leaking, and the condition of the lumber frame underneath was very critical. Thanks to your help and support we were able to start this $470,000 project. We hope to finish it before winter. Once the roof is secured, we can finish nine new classrooms underneath and also remodel the whole loft to fit the school’s needs. There is a lot of work ahead of us, but we know that we can rely on God and you, our faithful partners.

Our dear friends and partners, producing good Christian fruit and promoting true Christian values is much needed in this world. When lacking, many people tend to turn back to dubious leaders with empty promises, forgetting or ignoring their past evil deeds. This is what we have just experienced in our national elections. Its results, as well as the other troubles around the world, compel us as Christians to bring more fruits of the Spirit to our communities so people may see them and glorify God who is in heaven (Matt 5:16).

Yours in Christ,

Adrian Kacian, Director of Development          Bohdan Hroboň, president of CCE

If you want to use the CCE contacts to help Ukraine, donate money as usual with the memo “Ukraine”. We will keep you informed how the money is used.

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