Progress Report – 2022 – December

Martin | Slovakia | December | 2022


Dear Friends and Partners,

A steady and proportionally balanced growth is usually a very good sign. It testifies that a child is healthy or that an institution’s foundations and operational principles are sound. The same applies to wisdom, character, church, and Christian faith. Therefore, growth is one of the key words of our Lutheran Academy mission statement: In Truth and Love to Grow in Christ in Every Way. This is also our New Year’s wish: May we all grow in Christ in every way, especially in His love and truth!

The growth of our school was the main theme of Christmas party organized by our high school students on December 8, 2022. As witnesses of God’s grace, interviews with Bohdan Hroboň, Adrian Kacian, and Jozef Sopoliga were integrated into the student drama skit about the school’s history for parents, students, and visitors. The school band sang, students performed dances, and the party ended with a reception. Such a great night, when students, parents and teachers were united and reminded of God’s greatness – the fundamental force behind our growth!

December is the month of Christmas and therefore on the last day of school we naturally held Christmas worship services for all our students. The church was packed with students and teachers who were again reminded and encouraged that Jesus was born to us so we might grow in faith and love. A pastor couple from the nearby town preached and our teachers sang a Slovak version of the famous carol Angels We Have Heard on High.

During this month, our students raised over 700 € and a van full of food and supplies for the civic organization Woman in Need that provides a safe shelter for women and children who experience various types of domestic violence. Supporting this organization throughout the whole school year, our students will not only learn how to help those in need, but also grow in awareness and knowledge of this social phenomenon.

In December, our facilities grew up too. After many struggles caused by the COVID pandemic, a shortage of material, rapid inflation, and the war in Ukraine, the Indoor Gym was finally completed. Now our students can enjoy their workouts in this brand new and well-equipped facility. Many thanks for your loyalty and patience to all of you who have supported this project!

Dear friends and partners, Thanks to God we grow! This is the story of the Center for Christian Education in Martin, Slovakia, and became the motto for the 20th anniversary of our Lutheran Academy and 25th anniversary of our Bible school. We would like to invite you to celebrate these anniversaries with us, thanking God for all that growth. The celebration will take place on June 29, 2023, here in Martin. Please save this date – we would LOVE to see you here!

Yours in His service,

Adrian Kacian, Director of Development          Bohdan Hroboň, president of CCE

If you want to use the CCE contacts to help Ukraine, donate money as usual with the memo “Ukraine”. We will keep you informed how the money is used.

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