Progress Report – 2022 – October

Martin | Slovakia | October | 2022


Dear Friends and Partners,

“A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing”

This opening line comes from Martin Luther’s famous hymn that we sing every year on October 31st at worship services commemorating the Reformation. Based on Psalm 46, this hymn express clearly that we can rely on God and His help no matter how overwhelming our troubles might be. These words of encouragement are so important for all of us right now. The present Russian massive bombing of Ukraine, mainly civilian and infrastructure targets, cause fear along with an energy crisis in Ukraine and Europe as well. However, with the words of Psalm 46 words in our hearts, we will never get paralyzed by fear as we work together towards the victory of justice on this earth.

In this mission, every word and deed of encouragement is greatly valued and appreciated. Such was the October visit of the Mission Slovakia team from Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Naperville, IL. In several class sessions and during school worship services, Don Swanson, his wife Barbara, and Gail Jernberg shared their witness with our students. They were able to meet Ukrainian women who work at the two rescue centers in Martin that are supported by the CCE. During their stay, they spent time also with people in Nitra, a town in southern Slovakia where their Mission Slovakia helped to build a church.

Natalia Kacianová and Jana Bosákova, our student pastors, went the opposite direction, visiting Hales Corner Lutheran Church and School in Hales Corner, WI. Over a week they were able to meet many teachers and principals from several Lutheran schools in the area and explored ways of cooperation in the field of Christian education. These meetings gave them a lot of hope for future exchange of students and teachers so that we can carry on our mission through education more effectively. At the end of their stay, they represented the CCE at the Hales Corner Church and School Mission Festival Sunday and participated at several worship services.

In October we were happy to hold a children’s worships service and invite parents of our students into our congregation. Students from our elementary school sang a song, teachers performed a skit and Natalia preached a children’s message. Thankfully God filled the church with new faces again.

Another sign that the life in the CCE is back to normal is the progress on our new indoor gym (Gymnastic Room and Power Gym) at the Community Center. The special floor was installed, and we hope that it will be soon ready to use. Architectural drawings for the additional eight classrooms are in progress and their construction will begin soon.

Yes, the future might seem uncertain, but God’s power and His kingdom are not. As the closing line of the Lutheran hymn reminds us: “God’s truth abideth still, His kingdom is forever.”

Yours in His service,

Adrian Kacian, Director of Development          Bohdan Hroboň, president of CCE

If you want to use the CCE contacts to help Ukraine, donate money as usual with the memo “Ukraine”. We will keep you informed how the money is used.

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