CCE student Ján Drahoš elected to National Youth Parliament

CCE High School student Ján Drahoš has been elected to serve as a vice-president of the National Youth Parliament in Slovakia.

The National Youth Parliament unites the country’s 22 municipal youth parliaments and numbers more than 300 young people, representing and speaking for them within Slovakia. Jan also serves as a vice-president of the Martin municipal parliament.

The national body’s first session was held June 24-25, 2017. Municipal youth parliament delegates elected the new committee and adopted amended rules and other documents.

Students met Slovakia’s president Andrej Kiska; European Parliament member Ivan Štefanec; and the state secretary for the Ministry of Education, Milan Majerský.

Here’s what Ján thought of the experience:

“After a successful and productive meeting with the former president of the National Youth Parliament, I was asked to run, as a delegate from our city youth parliament, for vice president. I took it as a challenge for the next school year. When I was elected at the first gathering of the National parliament in Levoča, it became a huge commitment for me but I believe it will help me in the future and I will gain skills and experience from it. I also believe that I will be an assetforthe group. I am very thankful for their trust. It’s going to be a long and difficult journey but definitely rewarding. I can’t wait!”

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