CCE High-School Students Elected to Youth Parliament

Two students at CCE’s Lutheran Academy have been elected to the Youth Parliament in Martin.

Ján Drahoš and Marek Hulec, both in their fourth year at the bilingual high school, took office in November.

The Youth Parliament is an official institution in the city of Martin, established in 2013 to give secondary-school students a unique voice in municipal government. The body, which consists of 10 members elected to two-year terms, works to improve life and conditions for young people in the surrounding area.

Newly elected Youth Parliament representative Jan Drahos delivers a speech during a November 2016 visit to the presidential palace in Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava.

The Youth Parliament represents the interests of young people in Martin and facilitates communication with municipal authorities. The bodymonitors and comments oncurrent operations in the city, offers suggestions, and proposes legislative amendments. It also initiates projects that encourage creativity and freedom of thought for area youth and organizes social activities for this age group. The Parliament interacts with members of Martin‘s City Council and city management as well as area secondary schools, the Council of the Slovak Republic, and the Youth Parliaments of other Slovak cities.

Congratulations to our students on their election to this prestigious position! We trust that you will be excellent representatives of our school.

Lutheran Academy principal Jozef Sopoliga states, „We want our students to become good learners, strong believers, and active and responsible citizens.“ Will you help support quality education for young leaders at our school? Please visit and select „Support Us,“ then „Ways to Give.“ Or contact CCE’s International Communications Director Blythe Barreto at
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