Pick a Language Day

The CCE’s Luther Academy exists as a means to spread the Gospel of Christ through quality, Christian education. One component of our school that attracts so many families is our exceptional language programs from preschool through high school.

A student’s first year of high school consists of mostly English classes, many of which are taught by native English speakers. By the end of their first year our students are well immersed in English and actively engaging in conversations… which means they are ready for their next challenge!

Starting in the second year of high school, students continue classes in both English and Slovak, while adding a third language to study!

Instead of just giving students a hand out with their language choices, the language teachers decided to put a creative twist on the experience. While the students gathered in their classroom, American teacher, Blythe, introduced “special guests” representing each language.

The french teacher, Ludka, entered with a barrette on her head and baguettes in her hand. The German teacher, Janka, was wearing a traditional german dress. Lastly, American-Puerto Rican teacher, Tony, represented his second language and the class he teaches, Spanish, with a homemade sombrero and poncho.

The class was filled with fun games, trivia, and traditional food as prizes. By the end, the students were excited to begin their third language and continue learning in an environment that makes learning fun!

These kinds of educational experiences are unique in Slovakia, a country recently ranked third in a global PISA study of “Most Unhappy Students.” Our high academic standards and creative approaches to education not only impart our students with knowledge that will last a life time, but also serve as a gateway to share the Gospel of Christ!

To help support quality and creative Christian education visit “WAYS TO GIVE.”

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