Michal Valco Nominated to European Academy of Sciences and Arts

CCE’s Michal Valco was recently nominated to membership in the prestigious European Academy of Sciences and Arts, a major think tank that connects more than 1,700 scientists worldwide.

Founded in 1990, the European Academy of Sciences and Arts contributes to advances in science and art, and promotes tolerance, humanism, and European integration. Headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, it has delegations in 26 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and North and South America. Currently, 32 Nobel Prize winners are among its membership (as is emeritus Pope Benedict XVI).

The Academy focuses its work in three areas: the development of knowledge, the dissemination of scientific information, and the implementation of international projects. Current project topics include healthcare, tolerance, and the future of Europe.

The Academy also organizes conferences and annually awards prizes to individuals and organizations that promote tolerance.

Michal and his fellow nominees will be inducted next March during ceremonies in Salzburg. Michal will take his place in the organization’s section for world religions. With his induction, Michal will become part of a community of scientists and leading personalities active in many scientific disciplines in Slovakia and beyond.

Michal represents CCE at the University of Žilina, where he heads the university‘s Department of Religious Studies. He regards his nomination as an honor for the university and is proud to be another Slovak member of this august group. „I’m delighted to be nominated,“ he added.

The activities of the section for world religions operate in an international context and include comparative studies of world religions presented in symposia and congresses. The section’s work will subsequently appear in publications for public consumption.

Michal has a doctorate in theology. His teaching focuses on the philosophy of religion and ecumenical theology.

Hedviga Tkáčová

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12 Responses to Michal Valco Nominated to European Academy of Sciences and Arts

  1. Kathy Blair says:

    Way to go Michal! Congratulations!!!

  2. Paul Berge says:

    Congratulations, Michael.
    Your leadership at the University of Zilina and with the Center for Christian Education in Martin has prepared you in a marvelous way to bring your knowledge forward to a world-wide forum and the contribution you will make in this audience.

    We are thankful for what you and Katka have brought together in your academic, faith commitment, and personal lives. May God continue to guide you in the vocations to which both of you have been called.

    Our love,
    Mary Ellen and Paul

  3. Judy Steinhouse says:

    Congratulations Michal. What a wonderful nomination to such a prestigious group. God bless you in your work, always

  4. Dawn Shipman says:

    So happy for you, Michal! What an honor. I know you will serve the people in Europe and our Father in Heaven from this post. You’re in my prayers.

  5. Susan Nielsen says:

    It is a pleasure to read of this accomplishment, Michal. The witness of God’s power and guidance in your life shines through. May this honor bring glory to Him.

  6. Carol Conboy says:

    Such an accomplishment, Michal. May God continue to use you in powerful ways.

  7. Shannon DeVito says:

    Surely God has prepared you for such a time as this. May you be true to your calling in all that you do in this honored position. I’m proud of you, of your family, and of the way you represent the things I hold dear. May God continue to work mightily through the CCE, your teaching at the University, and now in this new endeavor. Blessings always, to you and your family!

  8. Laurence Thomas says:

    Gratulem, Michal!!!

  9. Michal Valčo says:

    Dear friends, thank you for your words of encouragement. I am looking forward to this new opportunity to meet interesting people and, together with them, to engage in meaningful conversations and actions for the benefit of all those who are in need. I cherish your comments and, even more so, I cherish your friendship! Michal

  10. Ondrej Garaj says:

    Srdečne blahoželám a teším sa z úspechu.

  11. Irmgard Swanson says:

    Congratulations, Michal! What an honor. Your faith, knowledge and experience will add much to the discussions and work of the Academy.

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