The Top Winner of the National Biblical Olympics becomes a Student at Lutheran Academy in Martin

The national Biblical Olympiad was held on the last day of April at the Lutheran School in Banska Bystrica. Zuzana Bulovská, the winner in the first division (students in the 3rd and 4th grades) will begin attending school at Lutheran Academy in Martin this autumn. Due to her high number of correct answers, Zuzka was the overall winner of the whole competition!

Zuzka won her final round of Bible competition by a whopping 99.17%, the highest score among all 72 contestants. She won a beautiful prize for her accomplishment and shared her strategy for winning: “You have to learn a lot, then learn it again, just to learn!”

Zuzka belongs to a club known as “Book Friends” We learned that her favorite reading genre is Bible-Adventure. In addition to reading good books, Zuzka likes hiking and roller-skating.

The Olympiad jury, led by its president, Evangelical pastor Katarina Hudakova, chose the themes for this year’s competition. Students were tested on their knowledge of Biblical history (Old Testament) and biographical data of the New Testament: Life of Women (a new area this year). The 72 students who competed came from both state and church schools.

Zuzka was not the only student to bring home biblical Olympic victory. Current students from Lutheran Academy in Martin also scored well in the different areas of the biblical competition. Miriam Bulovský of Lutheran Academy won 2nd place in the national round of the Biblical Olympics. Other LA students who placed well were Michal Gulán from the primary school and Mary Hroboňová, a second year student in the Lutheran Bilingual High School.

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  1. Deb Colling says:

    I am beyond proud and grateful for you all. Well done! Blessings on you all and the CCE for continued good work for yourselves, your communities, and the Lord. My continued prayers for all things necessary.

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