Preschoolers Visit First Graders—An Amazing First Experience!

The amazing thing about children is their constant questions and continued curiousity about new things. In order to encourage that curiousity in our youngest students, Preschoolers were recently invited to visit the “big kids” at Lutheran Primary School. The “Flip-Flops” (children in the younger class) and “Giraffes” (children from the older class) had an exceptional visit with the first grade students.

“Giraffes” are the preschoolers in their last year before starting regular school. They saw this experience as a great adventure, because for the moment the door to their future was opened. They were having the opportunity to see what it would be like for them when they enter school.

Czech educator and philosopher, John Amos Comenius (considered the father of modern education, Ed.) stated that exemplification is the basis of all good teaching. Teacher Anna Malá from the 1.C class is a wonderful example of this truth. Immediately after entering the older students’ classroom, the preschoolers were warmly welcomed and asked to sit forward on the carpet—so that they would have the best view of what was happening in the class. :)

A. Malá showed the nursery students a little bit of each subject they would study in the coming years: There was a math class where the kids learned a fun way to add and subtract. The first grade students showed the younger kids how to write letters in the air; later they were able to write that same letter in their notebooks. When the pupils were all tired, they rested in creative activity. They all got to make Origami dogs to take home at the end of class.

During the preschooler’s visit to school, they heard how well and clearly the older students could read, what poems and songs they were learning, and how they warm up their hands every morning so they can write nicely. The most fun was the game of balloons where the nursery kids got to play with their first grader friends.

The preschoolers watched everything carefully so they wouldn’t miss anything of what the “big kids” could do! In return, the first graders and their teacher showed them how to write their names. The “Flip-Flops” and “Giraffes” were thrilled when the first graders applauded their efforts. After the lessons, all the children exchanged gifts, and it was very obvious, that, come September, the little kids would be happy to return as the new “big kids!”

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