Lutheran Academy Receives “Award of Man 2013″

Congratulations go out to Lutheran Academy in Martin, which was honored to receive the prestigious “Award of Man 2013″ given by the civic association ´Man in Danger´. The award, which is recognized all over Slovakia as an independent assessment of an organization’s involvement in social and humanitarian activity, was given to Lutheran academy “for its contribution in promoting respect for all humans, its efficiency in helping people, and its encouraging of a tolerant and inclusive society.”

The non-profit organization ´Man in Danger´ awards the prize once a year. The prize pays tribute to individuals or organizations who spread values such as respect for humanity, transparency, professionalism, and building of community partnerships.

Because of the wide variety of benchmarks, our school is delighted that it was selected for this prize. “We are very pleased that the six-membered jury decided to give the Award of Man 2013, to our school, which since its inception has directed its students to reach out to society,” commented Lutheran academy director Joseph Sopoliga.

The civic organization ´Man in Danger´ was a partner with Lutheran academy in last year’s social project of building a school in Afghanistan. The construction of the school is now underway and every day is one step closer to opening its doors to students. “We nominated your school because we believe that its long tradition of social concern and activity deserves recognition,” explained the representative of non-profit organization ´Man in Danger´.

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    How wonderful! Congratulations to all of you!

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