"...we want to motivate people
to know the truth so that they can become
free in Christ to serve others..."

Summer and Mission Programs

Every spring and summer at CCE is filled with numerous mission programs aimed at applying the Christian teaching to day-to-day mission activities. You too are invited to participate in these programs! Please consider with your congregation a mission trip to Martin and join us at one of the perennial and exciting mission programs:


Builders´ Team – illustrating God´s providential care through manual work, providing the "home" for all the mission activities


Vacation Bible School – a week long day camp serves over 240 children (age 3 to 11), introducing the love of God to the children and witnessing to their families


J-Camp – a week long English conversational camp for Middle-School kids, building fellowship and Christian values and character


Cool-Camp – a week long conversational camp for High-School and University Students, using peer-to-peer relationships to show Christian life in everyday life of becoming come-of-age


English as a Foreign Language – building bridges through understanding via a two-week intensive conversational English course offered to all age-groups


Mission Ukraine – a week long Mission trip to Novogradovka, a VBS camp for over 150 children in a formal USSR country


Martin Orphanage – a weekly visit with local Youth group aimed to share love and friendship to orphaned and disabled children


If you have more questions regarding your possible involvement in these mission programs, please contact our Mission Program Coordinator Tomas Gulan at tomas.gulan@cce.sk. If you wish to make a contribution and learn how to make it tax - deductible, please find out about the different "Ways to give".