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English-Speaking Teachers Fund

The Lutheran Academy's unique approach to education includes the use of highly qualified teachers from the United States and Great Britain to provide bilingual instruction. Native-English speakers with teaching experience in Christian schools offer an added dimension to our students' learning experience as well as to the Academy staff, and we actively seek such professionals to serve in this capacity.


Over the years our teachers from the United States and Great Britain have been instrumental in advancing the CCE's educational ministry. And while many educators express an interest in teaching for a year or more in our programs, relatively few have the financial means to do so (and Slovakia's government does not provide funding for such teachers). For this reason, we have established the English-Speaking Teachers Fund to assure that the continued use of qualified native-English speakers in our classrooms.


The annual cost associated with maintaining one American or British teacher on staff is approximately $16,000.


Please consider supporting this worthwhile endeavor; gifts of all amounts are appreciated.


For more information, please contact CCE´s Director of development - Adrian Kacian 
at adrian.kacian@gmail.com. If you want to find out about specific ways to donate and how to make your contribution tax-deductible, please visit also different "Ways to give".