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Martin | Slovakia | October | 2021


Dear Friends and Partners,

October is the month of the Reformation. Martin Luther’s emphasis on God’s grace and power of His word is still very valid because it offers the right base for our existence as Christians and the church as well. It means that every day we are called to rely on God’s grace and reflect on our deeds and thoughts from the perspective of the Holy Scriptures. Yes, every day we ought to drown our old Adam by the power of God so the new Christ-like creations can rise. This is the true living out of our baptism day by day as the father of the 16th Century Reformation proclaims.

In October the word reformation gained in October an additional meaning in our school’s life. Because of COVID-19 gaining strength and more students testing positive, the school schedule kept changing (reforming in a way) almost on a daily basis. Having approximately 8 classes out of 34 and a few teachers in home quarantine for various lengths, the school administration had to issue new schedules and appoint substitute teachers very often. It was very demanding on them as teachers had to operate on three modes of education: in person, online, and hybrid. However, regardless of all the difficulties, fluid reality, and fluctuating schedule “reformations” our school was not closed as others in Slovakia and was able to provide quality Christian education.

The word reformation comes to our mind also when thinking of the Builders Group from Roseville Lutheran Church, MN. They have not been only coming to reconstruct our buildings deteriorated by the communist regime, but also by their example reforming our understanding what it means to be a volunteer for Christ. Here are the words of Joe Lunders, who was among the first visiting us in 2002 together with Pastor George Weinman and Bud Helmen:

“A builders group seized the opportunity to form a committed action plan to assist in the development of what is now called the Center for Christian Education in Martin. On May 6, 2003, it was time for 19 men and women volunteers to come to Martin with tools in hand, energy, and financial support to assist our faithful Christian brothers and sisters in Martin! Our first major project was to reconstruct a historical Slovak gymnasium into a building with classrooms, a dormitory, and a place for the youth to experience a dedicated Christian community. For 19 years we were blessed to have Builders from all over the United States going to Martin and have remained family to so many of you in Slovakia. We shall continue to support your Mission to spread God’s Word to others. To God be the Glory!”

James Baxter, an Englishman and our teacher, is a school coordinator of our MarMUN project that also falls into the category of reformation. The acronym stands for Martin Model of United Nations and this project models the UN discussions and conversations.
A student is assigned to a country and using English he or she presents and defends this country’s position in discussion with representatives of other countries. The topics they discuss include human rights, green energy, education of girls and so on. In this model they can not only reform their prejudices and practice a proper way of arguing, but also find what it takes to make this world a better place for all of us. James is looking forward to February 2022 to host another MarMUN international conference for high school students from Slovakia and abroad.

We would like to thank you for all your supporting emails and messages. It means a lot for us especially in these restricted times when personal meetings are rare. Our architect is back to business so the paperwork for the concluding reconstruction of the New Building including the Indoor Gym has resumed. We are looking forward to seeing the final reformation of the New Building being completed as we continue to see God’s grace and power of His word.

Yours in His service,

Adrian Kacian, Director of Development            Bohdan Hroboň, president of CCE

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