Peer Ministry Training 2021

Peer ministry Training at CCE was very exciting. In one activity, we were given an issue and then we had to figure out how to solve it. This activity helped us understand something about life: in the beginning, we thought we knew each other well. But in fact, the opposite was true. Until this training, we’d never known each other as well as we do today.

Now I know that peer ministry training is so much more than just a week with some our classmates. We are a huge community that can help a lot of people every day and is something we need in our life. The skills we learned are skills that we can use in our everyday lives.

Here’s what my friend Matej thinks about peer ministry training:
“Peer ministry was very interesting because it taught us more about communication, our friends and also about ourselves. It taught us how to communicate with people who are new in a group, how to control our feelings and also many interesting things like how to read a person’s body language.
The most important part of the training were our mentors, who know a lot about these issues and were excited about teaching us.”

The difference between the first and the last day was so huge. On the first day, we thought we knew each other well, but during the week we realized we didn´t. It’s very satisfying to realize that in our peer ministry group we are always safe, and the people around us can help us in all situations.

Our peer ministry training also taught us that we are never alone and that we don´t have to be ashamed of who we are. Our personalities are all unique. We should never give up on our dreams and if we have problems, we should work to solve them and our friends will always be there for us.”Our peer ministry training showed us that people care.

Timea Fedorová
students, Lutheran High School in Martin

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