Progress Report – 2021, Summer

Martin | Slovakia | Summer | 2021


Dear Friends and Partners,

The author of the Letter to the Hebrews reminds us in 13:7 to consider the outcome of one’s life. He speaks predominately of the church leaders and expects that suffering and death would not affect their good works and adherence to Christ. Although suffering and death was not nearly as close to us as to the persecuted Christians in the first century AD, the 2020/21 Covid pandemic negatively affected our lives, let alone education. However, our steadfastness to our mission has remained the same. Throughout this school year, we did our best to provide a first class academic and spiritual experience for all our students either online or in person. Therefore, thanks to God, the CCE’s outcome for this school year is positive.

We were able to keep full enrollment and, as in previous years, we had to turn down applicants because of lack of classrooms. We were among the first schools that mastered the online education so students would not fall back in their knowledge. The majority of our high school graduates were admitted to the universities abroad and do well. One example for all: our 2020 graduate Terezia Kucbelova finished strong her first year at the University of Westminster, England, achieving the Westminster Employability Award at its highest stage. Also our middle-schoolers excelled: three of our 8th graders, under the leadership of our teacher Eva Ulicna, won the county robotic competition and moved up to the national level. These and other positive outcomes demonstrate that, despite the pandemic, our school had done its job well.

We finished 2020/21 strong with VBS. Under the given pandemic circumstances, we were allowed to have 60 children for a week of singing, Bible stories, dramas, crafts, sports, and other fun and meaningful activities. The LAMS teachers provided special science classes performing chemical and workshops of physics, robotics, and chemistry. Yes, we missed our American partners who would have surely come if it were not of the travel restrictions. Hopefully, next summer we can resume all our mission partnerships and activities in full strength.

Regarding the investments and finances, in addition to equipping the Music Studio (pictures will appear in September newsletter) we received additional $10.000,00 for the Indoor Gym from Advent Lutheran Church, West Chester, PA. The Indoor Gym estimate of $250.000,00 was done in 2018 and since that price of the building materiel went up, this donation will partially cover this increase. With the help of the state grant (1.000,00 €) we were able set up a tool corner for the kindergarten where children can improve their manual skills learning how to saw, carve, and so on.

Preparing for future growth, we are working on a fundraising campaign for 8 more classrooms and two offices in the New Building so we can increase our enrollment and move students from a rented place outside of our campus. This is the final stage of reconstructing the New Building, the exiting process that is changing a former communist printing company into a Christian school. We hope that with your help this building will finish strong, and we will complete transformation of a former communist propaganda headquarter into the place where the word of God is proclaimed and heard. Because hearing and keeping His word is a prerequisite for finishing lives strong.

Yours in His service,

Adrian Kacian, Director of Development            Bohdan Hroboň, president of CCE

Ways to GIVE | Make your tax-deductible gift in one of these ways:
Our Saviour’s
Lutheran Church
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Paul Berge, Director
St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church
900 Stillwater Road,
Mahtomedi, MN 55115
Kathy Clolinger,
815 S. Washington St.,
Naperville, IL 60540
Mark Johnson, Board Member
7913 NE 58th Ave.,
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