Progress Report – July 2020

Dear friends,

God is good! Here in CCE it was confirmed again this summer. Despite of the COVID-19 threat, we were able to have a weeklong VBS. The theme of the week reflected our reality: our life may be a rocky railway, but Jesus’ power pulls us through. Keeping a few restrictive measures, we were learning, singing, dancing, playing and having fun. In addition to the standard VBS activities like class, sports, and crafts, our teachers added an escape room robotics, fun physics, a drama studio, and creative photography workshop. The team of 12 leaders and over 20 teenage helpers from our school brought the gospel to over 80 children. It was wonderful although we all lacked the unique contribution of you, our American partners this year. Let us hope that our next VBS and all the summer activities in 2021 will be enjoyed together again.

This VBS was a bit different also in another aspect, namely that we could use all our new outdoor facilities that many of you sponsored. Our maintenance crew must be applauded for a great job not only supervising the construction but also securing all the legal permits. All was ready on time for us to use. The new artificial grass field served perfectly for sports and afternoon activities. Outdoor fitness as well as the new playground equipment was tested every day. Thanks to your help we now have a better, healthier, and safer environment for all.

Regarding the indoor facilities, the figures are the same as mentioned in our June 2020 newsletter. For the Music Studio, we still need to fundraise $23,100 out of the $75,200 total cost. For the Visual Arts Studio, we are still in need of $23,000 out of $42,600. Regarding the Gymnastic Room & Power Gym, we still hope and pray for $240,500. These the indoor facilities remain the central challenge for the months to come. We ask you to prayerfully consider donating money to this purpose so our children can use them in the school year 2020/2021. There is a job in front of us so let us join forces and get it done together!

Dear friends, we especially pray for you these days to stay healthy and well. We wish you a yours blessed summer and pray that we will meet face to face very soon. For more pictures from 2020 VBS, go to VBS-Photos on our blog.

Adrian Kacian, Director of Development            Bohdan Hroboň, president of CCE

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