Progress Report – June 2020

Dear friends,

We hope this update finds you well, lifts up your spirit and brings you joy during these challenging time. This Pentecost season reminds us that as Christians we live and move by the Spirit and nothing can take that joy away from us.

First of all, after more than two months of home quarantine students are back in our school. It is on voluntary basis and restricted to the kindergarten and elementary school children (age 3-10), but we are grateful to have them back. The older students continue online education from home. It is a challenge to follow all the requirements, but children are happy to be with their friends and teachers again and we continue our mission.

The pandemic challenges our daily lives and routines. Our teachers had to start online instructions. Slovak Ministry of Education has been planning to implement it for years and our teachers completed this reform in a week or so. This fast and right solution in times of crisis speaks highly about our school leaders. In addition, we were able to build almost all the outside sport facilities we planned for this year. The Outdoor Sport Field ($90,000) is done and ready for use. The same applies for the Outdoor Fitness ($13,700) and the new Playground for Children ($11,000). Thanks to God’s provision and your support, we substantially improved our facilities for sports and afternoon activities.

The indoor facilities planned for this school year are done only partially. For the Music Studio, we need $23,100 out of $75,200 total, so we are well on the way. For the Visual Arts Studio, we still need of $23,000 out of $42,600, so about half-way there. We have not received any funds yet for the Gymnastic Room & Power Gym ($240,500). We ask you to prayerfully consider donating to this purpose. If we join forces, our students can benefit from these facilities this September already. And that would be fantastic!

The summer is here and this one will be very odd for us. For the first time in the 23-year history of the Bible school and CCE, you will not be coming and sharing our ministry with us. We miss you already, your spirit, your enthusiasm and good heart. It will be hard not only for us and our students but also for all the people you have impacted over the years in our community and city. We are planning to do at least a VBS during the summer but it is only a very small portion of all the activities we do together. Let us hope and pray that we can reconnect in full force and to see you again in 2021.

May God bless you and protect you,

Bohdan Hroboň,
president of CCE

Adrian Kacian,
Director of Development


Please, make your tax-deductible gift through one of these ways:

St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church
Vision Slovakia
900 Stillwater Road
Mahtomedi, MN 55115

New Heights Foundation
7913 NE 58th Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98665

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