The Mile of Hope

Every school year we teach our staff and children how to help others – people who are in material, social or emotional need. We raise money to support them, we pray for them, and show them our love and care.

This year we will be helping oncological patients – among them the son of our elementary school teacher Barborka and her husband Martin. Barborka teaches third grade and Martin is part of the school maintenance crew. Their sons Jurko was diagnosed with a serious disease – leukemia – and we have decided to help them.

So, this month we have organized a school run – the Mile of Hope. Every student and staff member at the school, along with some parents, ran for Jurko – children in the kindergarden ran 100 meters, elementary school kids up to 800 meters and highschool students one kilometer. In addition to the run, we raised money to help Barborka and Martin with hospital costs and treatments.

We are a Christian school. We care for one another and should lead others in practical deeds of love and hope. God help us to help others, and be the light of the world as a school.

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