Baseball Camp

While many Americans recently enjoyed “Opening Day” of baseball, the CCE had it’s first “Opening Day” as well. This month our students participated in a baseball camp run by American Teacher, Tony Barreto, and Slovak baseball coach, Martin Brunegraf.

Tony, played 4 years of University level baseball and continues to play for BK Bratislava Apollo, a Slovak baseball club that plays in the European Inter-league and Slovak Extra-league. He has also started coaching the Slovak Junior national teams and the local Martin club. He saw his new connections as a way to introduce our students to “America’s favorite pass time.”

Many of the kids had never held a bat or played catch, but Slovak coach, Martin, commented that “The Kids were awesome, they were curious about new things and were pretty athletic. It was a great opportunity to introduce kids to baseball who have never seen it before, maybe we even started a little passion for the game in their hearts.”

Tony remarked that, “After introducing baseball to students at the camp a few weeks ago, we felt it was important to have a follow up for our kids. We started an after school baseball program, it has been a very positive experience and we hope that the sports program will continue to grow here”

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