Member of Euro Parliament Visits CCE

Although we live in the Information Age, not all of the information that comes our way is objective and true (particularly when it comes from politicians). This month, however, the Lutheran High School in Martin was pleased to welcome a Slovak politician who addressed our school and provided us with honest, valuable information.

Ivan Stefanec, formerly of the Slovak Parliament and currently a member of the European Parliament, described the work of the European Parliament and its position on the migrant crisis caused by the conflict in Syria. He also discussed the situation in Slovakia and the Euro foundations.

Commenting on the Syrian refugee crisis, Mr. Stefanec said, “The European Union is focused on peace. Our strength is not in weapons, but in our diplomacy, economy, and values. We must protect our borders and fight effectively against terrorism and extremism.”

He continued, “It is also our duty to help those in need and to try to get all the nations involved to reach compromise. To reach this compromise is a concern for all the people who suffer, and for Europe as well.”

Students gleaned firsthand information from Mr. Stefanec’s speech—information that every European should know. Many students were also keenly interested in the internship program he described: a one-month work experience at the European Parliament.

Mr. Stefanec was pleased by the insightful questions posed by Lutheran High School students and later showed his appreciation for our school on his Facebook page.

We thank Mr. Stefanec for inviting two of our students and a teacher to visit the Euro Parliament at its official seat in Strasbourg, France, this fall. Such visits provide us with excellent opportunities to share information about our school.

by Ján Drahoš
Student, Lutheran High School in Martin

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One Response to Member of Euro Parliament Visits CCE

  1. Paul Berge says:

    A great opportunity for all of you to hear from your Slovak representative to the Euro Parliament and his invitation to visit in Strasbourg this Fall.

    Your school is a light in the darkness of our world that cannot be hid and a witness for the truth of the Gospel to be heard and shared with people and nations hurting economically and dealing with issues of justice and mercy.

    God will continue to bless your life in Christ and faithfulness to the good news of the Gospel in our time and for generations yet to come.

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