Greetings to All

You may be wondering why you are receiving this e-mail? It is because you are individuals of distinction, who have participated during the formative years of growing the Christian faith in Slovakia. This progress could not have been made if it were not for your Faith in Jesus that led you to assist the people God so loves. You are now being invited to be a part of a fantastic opportunity as part of the full circle process in establishing Christian Education, from pre-school through high school in Martin. The April, 2016 Builders Trip is dedicated to all who have been part of the Builders Group in the past. However, I want to make it clear that this mission is open to all first time participants who would like to be a part of this mission. All are welcome!

The CCE’s requests each of us to:

#1. Write your personal story about what motivated you to become involved with the Slovakian people at Martin. The CCE would like to put a book together as a teaching/training manual for their educational program. Hopefully, the sacrifices and generosities of the Americans can be used in the future to inspire and encourage others to join the mission of spreading God’s ‘Word’.

#2. Consider seriously becoming a part of the April’s 2016 builders group.

#3. Continue as a U.S. partner in assisting with finances which are so badly needed for building materials, application tools, classroom furnishings, teachers offices and equipment, school storage rooms, for computer, chemistry, arts, and physics Labs etc and the list goes on. Please log on to: for the project’s current news and progress. Write your story, see the gallery, the donation options and contacts.

The mission for the Center for Christian Education (CCE) in Martin has always been to bring the Word of Christ back to the people of Slovakia and throughout Eastern Europe. The vision of CCE is Education which began in 1998 with the Adult Education program. Realizing that their initial programs were in slow motion in accomplishing their major educational goals, they started the elementary class of 1stgraders with 25 students in 2004. Now, with the completion of the high school building, the CCE could have 900 students each year receiving a Christian Education which includes Kindergarten. We dare not let these young people down!

The Builder’s plan to leave Minnesota on April 18th and return home on May 3rd. The work to be done will be tailored to each individual’s ability. Our desire is to build over 100 ft. of classroom walls made of cinder blocks and double sided surface coatings. Our extensions starting on April 29th are flexible with possibly spending personal time in Krakow or in traveling to see the Bardejov area in Eastern Slovakia including a visit with a number of wonderful young missionaries there. —- We plan to fly in and out of Krakow. More information will be available once we know our number of travelers. This opportunity should be a memorable reunion for all of us! The estimated cost is $2500.00 per individual.

Please prayerfully consider this opportunity to serve our Lord with our hands and feet, and to share our gifts and talents with our Slovak friends. Recall our Builders Group motto …Renovating Rooms…. Renovating Lives! We will never know how many lives this school will change!

Please address your question, concerns and interest to me at or at 651-762-1006 before January 15, 2016. Blessings to you! Jesus is the Reason for this Season!

Merry Christmas!

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