Lutheran Kindergarten Grows in Happiness

The Evangelist Matthew reminds us that we should allow the little ones to come to God, and not hinder them, because theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Mt 19.14). We are also reminded of this commitment at the beginning of the school year, when the parents of dozens of children entrust them to us. It was no different this year—the beginning of the fourth academic year of the Lutheran kindergarten in Martin!

Yes, it is already the fourth year that our nursery welcomes children from Martin and the surrounding areas to learn Christian values, character building and growth in all areas—through its educational program. As we look back, we see God’s immeasurable assistance to us in all that has been accomplished. “At the beginning of the nursery four years ago, we opened two classes: small Flops and small Giraffes. Many thanks to the parents who did not give up at the beginning but gave us a chance, and believed in us. Because of them we have been able to build a kindergarten that meets both educational and spiritual needs,” says teacher Zuzka Piatriková.

Credit goes to parents, but also to the helpfulness and trust of other people in our community. We are excited to have the support and guidance of the City Council in Martin. Thanks to a grant from our town, our Lutheran Kindergarten was able to expand and offer modernized space, thereby being able to reach more children from the town and the surrounding communities. This is why we want to express our sincere THANK YOU to the leadership of the city and the City Council!

The support of the city of Martin made it possible to extend the nursery program before the start of the school year and add two classes. The social facilities for the children were refurbished. Also thanks to these changes, the nursery family has grown to 65 children, with five new employees also added. “In all modesty, we can say that our nursery became popular because of its family-friendly atmosphere,” says teacher Zuzka. “It was always our priority that the children and their parents would feel happy and content here. We wanted everyone to sense the love of God and neighbor at our nursery.” This family-friendly atmosphere is spreading throughout our new, refurbished, and brighter areas. Also, thanks to the children—the Flops, Giraffes, Bees, and Owls—all children have a wonderful new kindergarten to enjoy every day!

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  1. Irmgard Swanson says:

    The new facilities look just wonderful! So happy to see how the school is growing.

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