115 New Students Celebrate the Opening of LA New Premises

Operating Lutheran Academy in the current six buildings has been a complicated endeavor and in the long term, is unsustainable. What’s more, trying to continue in the current premises would not allow further growth. This is why the leadership at Lutheran Academy came to the decision to purchase the historic Neografia building and turn it into a school. The grand opening of the new premises took place on the first day of school, 2015.

Reconstruction of the new building was formally launched in July of this year, and we have already discovered that building the three new classrooms has allowed us to double the size of the kindergarten, the grammar school, and the high school freshman class. In the near future, we will also be able to create new rooms for the entire second grade class. What is especially exciting is that, due to the acquiring of the new building, we are already able to educate 115 new students!

New Home for our Pupils and Students

The grand opening of the second floor of the new school building was carried out in the presence of parents, students, and guests. Observers were able to see the renovated spaces (dining room, classes, and bathrooms) and also to see just how much work still remains to be done. The newly-renovated kindergarten building was also on display. The support and interest of the parents added to the excitement of this amazing and blessed meeting. We are grateful for this and looking forward to everything the Lord will do in the future.

Investing in the future of Children and Youth

“So far, the success of Lutheran Academy is proof that the investment in quality education based on Christian values is meeting a genuine need. This educational model is proving to be both sustainable and a long-term success,” says headmaster, Joseph Sopoliga. This is why the greatest of the school’s goals is to successfully complete all renovation work. Sopoliga adds “We pray that our efforts will be joined by many people.”

Won’t you join us? Invite your friends and inform them of opportunities to help our school in its growth, fulfilling its mission in the lives of students and their families. By God’s grace, we hope to build a permanent home for future generations of students.

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One Response to 115 New Students Celebrate the Opening of LA New Premises

  1. Renee Svoboda says:

    Dear friends in Christ:
    This is truly a miracle and it makes my heart sing to see the progress you have made. Tim and I keep all of you in our hearts .We look forward to a return visit.
    Blessings Tim and Renee Svoboda

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