Finding Grandpa in Slovakia!

Returning to Miloš’ car, his daughters and I waited while he called Margita. A very long conversation, all those Slovak words again, and I was beginning to get discouraged when Miloš paused to ask me where Jozef’s brother had lived in the U.S., Michigan? YES! He finished the conversation with Margita getting her address. It sounded like a match to me! By now we were running out of time to catch my group in Bojnice, so we retraced our steps driving east toward Martin, all the while congratulating each other on what a great job of sleuthing we had done. What an amazing afternoon, beyond my wildest expectations. And we arrived at the castle in Bojnice just as my group was finishing its tour, so I bid my team “Dovidenia” and boarded the bus to return to Martin, anxious to share my discoveries. Wait until Hedwi heard about this! I could not have found any of my family history on my own, and I thanked Miloš, Lydia and Ivana repeatedly. Without Hedwi, Miloš and his family, none of this would have been possible.

End of story? I hope not. There were a couple of loose ends that Mayor Elena had offered. She knew, she told my translators, of another village member who might have more history, but who was out of town during my visit. She also spoke of a senior member of their village who was ill and had been hospitalized. Perhaps these people might be able to contribute more information about the Diviš family. Like all that had happened, this too was in God’s hands, and I will leave it there. I left the mayor with all of my contact information. Will I again travel to Slovakia? I hope so! But for now – I am enjoying the bacon on my halusky!

Marie Diviš Coffey

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6 Responses to Finding Grandpa in Slovakia!

  1. Shirlee Evans says:

    Enjoyed this to the very last sentence. What an amazing adventure our the Lord led you on, opening doors for you all along the way.

  2. Dave and Lois Klostreich says:

    Great story and one that we can relate to. We are members of St. Andrews Lutheran in Mahtomedi, Minnesota and have served on 5 mission trips to Martin teaching VBS and teaching English. We both have found villages where our grandparents immigrated from in Germany and Norway. It is a thrill to find living relatives, stories and learn of the town and culture. After each visit, we felt like we really belonged or “this is where we came from.” I’m sure you probably felt the same. The Slovaks are such wonderful people. Thanks for sharing a wonderful adventure and your time in Slovakia will always be cherished!! You need to go back soon. God is good.
    Dave and Lois

    • marie says:

      Thanks for sharing! Yes, I did feel like I was “coming home”. I look forward to my next trip – maybe I’ll see you there!


  3. Rae Harman says:

    Enjoyed reading your interesting adventure. Thank you Marie for sharing it!

  4. Nancy Andrew says:

    Marie. What a beautifully written story about your adventure to Slovakia. Enjoyed this so much.

  5. Frankie Edmonds says:

    Beautifully written and such a journey you travel. Thank you for sharing how the Lord is leading you!!!

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