EGMT summer camp 2015

This year’s EGMT Freshman Camp was full of fellowship, friendship, and fun! The camp had the theme of Noah’s Ark, which was used as a basis for our camp teams and drama skit. Noah’s Ark also fit our camp painting of the Biblical event and day hike to the local zoo. Just as those on the Ark had to trust God and come together as a group, our campers learned to work together as a team before they embark on their journey through high school together.

Each day was filled with group building activities that both encouraged and challenged students. Every morning, the American team taught English classes in a fun and applicable way using paper Facebooks, discussions about Minions, and photos from our zoo trip. The students also learned to play sports such as ultimate frisbee, handball, kickball, and beachball volleyball. The afternoons gave students a chance to choose a workshop to attend that focused on either art, drama, technology, or music. Through each of these activities the students not only grew confident in their own abilities, but also bonded together as a class.

On our last night of camp, the students and staff participated in a talent show where they displayed various skills ranging from gymnastic routines and karaoke to double jointed fingers and group conga-lines. What started out as a talent show, ended in a group line dancing party to the Cupid Shuffle and a water balloon fight. It was evident that this group who started out playing name games would now be ready to enter high school as one unit of friends.

With all the fun activities, both planned and unplanned, the really inspiring part of camp was the relationships. Through worship and prayer, games and learning, talents and hikes, a group of individuals became a group of friends. Watching these new friendships blossom and grow is truly a testament to the power of God who unites us all in Christ. With the help of our American friends and Slovak teacher, this year’s camp had a major impact on our students who will continue to grow with each other over the next 5 years at the Lutheran Academy!

In Christ,

Blythe Ann Barreto

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  1. Irmgard Swanson says:

    I really like how you are building relationships among the incoming freshman before school starts. I’m sure it helps each student to enter that new year feeling more relaxed knowing classmates ahead of time, and being more ready to learn because of not having to find out if one has friends when entering the new school year.

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