Lovely Thanks for the Teaching of the Bible

The idea of starting a Bible school, where anyone who desires can immerse him-or herself into a study of God’s word is not unusual. Institutions like this—where people can study the Bible to find answers to life’s fundamental questions—are very common in most developed countries. But…

Bohdan Hroboň, director of the Bible School in Martin, realized how great the need for this type of education was during his time working at The Lutheran High School in Tisovec. “I was surprised by the many questions and the high interest of the young people to understand God’s word,” Bohdan says. At the same time he realized that Lutheran youth all over the country are poorly prepared spiritually to “go out into the world to preach the gospel.”

The vision to create the Bible School and its educational and spiritual-formation program became more concrete and tangible during Bohdan’s studies in the U.S., where he had the opportunity to study at this type of establishment. “I found a lot of understanding and support for the congregation in Martin. We created a preparatory board that would help actualize this project.”

Through the power and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Bible School has grown into the Center for Christian Education (CCE). Its mission today: To spread the Gospel in a post-Communist world and rekindle religious faith throughout Slovakia.

Today the Center for Christian Education is an answer to prayer for those whose dreams and desires are for the education of the younger generation and the revival of spirituality in today’s society. Thanks be to God that the dream still continues! We can see it in a letter that came to CCE last week.


Hi everyone!

I want to thank you so much for your professionalism and high academic level and expertise. I very much appreciate your sensitivity, friendliness (and many other positive attributes in the teaching process) during the last couple of lessons and of course, during the whole semester as well.

Many thanks to you–the education is amazing!

Juraj Macuha,
freshmen student in the study
program called “Bible Study”


One of CCE’s greatest blessings is our dedicated staff. We deeply value their commitment to use their time and talent in service to the Lord. Our priority is to make their salaries as secure as possible. Since tuition and state funding cover the wages of teaching staff only, we seek financial support for our administrative and managerial staff. Through contributions to the CCE Missionaries Fund, we connect each staff member with a partner congregation, institution, or individual(s) and help them build a mutually beneficial partnership, in which the CCE staff member becomes the donor’s very own “overseas missionary.”

CCE’s annual budget for ten administrative and managerial employees totals $151,000. Currently, this expense is borne by US congregations who select one or more CCE employees and provide annual salary support in the amount of $15,100 per employee (or $1,260 per month).

If you want to find out about specific ways to donate and how to make your contribution tax-deductible, please visit also different “Ways to give”.

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