Žilina regional authorities have an interest in high school students

High school students are one of the most vulnerable groups in today’s society. This group is also a major source of future development in our society. Support of the extracurricular activities, effective use of leisure time of high school students, as well as prevention of socio-pathological issues are some of the main reasons for establishing the Regional Student Parliament and have it actively communicate with the high school students in our region.

Representatives of most high schools in our region have had the inaugural session of the Regional Student Parliament. Students received delegation letters and approved the status of the Parliament.

The idea to form a functioning School Parliament is for every high school in our region to have its own representative. Schools within the Žilina Region will be represented by 14 high school students, five students from church schools, three private secondary schools and five students from schools established by the city of Žilina. These students will form a complete 27 members of the group.

Students, members of the school parliament, will discuss issues related to youth issues at each meeting. Students will be able to make suggestions and comments to improve the current status of youth in Slovakia. In the regional secondary Parliament in Zilina, Lutheran Academy in Martin will be represented by sophomore student Andy Snováková.

High school parliament will meet twice a year, and will be an advisory part to the Žilina´s major and understanding among young people, communication with pupils’ school councils, development of extra-curricular activities, support for non-formal education, and so on. At the same time it would be also chance to bring the Gospel and Christian values into the city´s council.

The Lutheran Elementary School in Martin, which was established in 2003, sent off its first 9th graders two school years ago. Many of them continue now at the Lutheran High School in Martin (Lutheran Elementary School and the Lutheran High School are two parts of one institution, called the Lutheran Academy /LA/). We are very happy with the growing quality of education at Lutheran Academy. Being a part of the student’s parliament council we consider as another function of nurturing education and life skills in the lives of our students.

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