65th Anniversary of Confirmation

Longtime Martin’s priest Louis Vajdička belonged to the exemplary Lutheran pastors, who became a symbol of resistance against the atheistic regime during period of communism’s totality. Pastor Vajdička was the one who confirmed 92 young people during his ministry in Lutheran congregation in Martin. Ninety-two youth longed to faithfully follow Christ and belong to the Lutheran community of believers despite the adverse political circumstances that time. Last Sunday, 15 of them received blessings in our church again.

We had another Church Day in the Lutheran Church community in Martin on the July 6. A part of this blessed day was the appealing Jubilee feast – a reminder of confirmation of 92 people in 1949. These people met again in Memorandum Square in Martin after an unbelievable 65 years. They came because they have found a lifelong affection, protection and hope in faith in Jesus Christ.

Confirmation class students professed their faith in front of the congregation, as they did in 1949 when they had been challenged by Louis Vajdička, who was illegally arrested during totality and was an unjustly imprisoned priest. After the creeds, 15 of the initial 92 had been blessed by current pastor Milan Kubik who each one blessed to another section of life in faith.

Confirmation class students from 1949 had received a commemorative sheet with the Bible verse from the Book of Revelation: “Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life”

(Rev 2:10b). Among the group of 15 people to whom pastor Kubik gave blessings were some veterans, longtime members of board of elders in our church and also witnesses and fighters against the communist persecution.

Fifteen confirmation class students from the year 1949 were encouraged to continue and persevere in living in faith, which refers to God’s care, grace and love with a loud common applause in the church.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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