Larry Swanson about his support of Danica Onderová, student of study program ´Mission work with children and youth´.

My wife Connie and myself first came to the Bible School in 2004. Since then we have made six trips to Martin. During this time we have seen the school grow. The school is a lighthouse in proclaiming and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a country where communist rule forbid proclaiming the truth of the Gospel for over forty years.

Now that has ended and the people of Slovakia are free to openly proclaim Jesus Christ as the truth, and through Him God has given us the hope of eternal life to those who put their faith in Him. It takes dedicated teachers pastors, and lax people to do this.

One of these people is Danica Onderová who has studied in the youth worker program called Mission work with children and youth. Connie and myself have supported her financially while she has been in this program. We are thankful for young people like her that will dedicate themselves to teaching and proclaiming Jesus Christ as the way and the truth to young people.

Our support of her is money that couldn´t be better spent. I am sure her influence will help many young people come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. This transcend anything in this world, it´s eternal.

Danica´s reaction about meeting with Larry and Connie Swanson was pretty prompt:

“You will not believe me how much I am thankful for Larry and Connie who I met today! I broke my fair to speak English and we had had wonderful conversation together and we have agreed to write ourselves sometimes”, wrote Danica and added “Me and Connie totally clicked. I am laughing because I can imagine them as my American parents. I am so happy that I met both of them!”


CCE offers to you wonderful opportunity to help our students during their studium and growing in faith. Through donating to our Annual Fund you can take an important role in supporting our mission to spread the Gospel and to bring people to Christ. Your unrestricted gift can make a difference in the life of students like Danka.

The CCE gratefully appreciates your support!

For more information, contact our Director of Development, Sisa Schudichova, at or look on our web page on „ways to give“.

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