Jacob a student of study program TIMOTHY

My name is Jacob Ferko and I’m from a small town in eastern Slovakia called Hanušovce over Topl’ou. I’m 19 years old and I have a brother (age 18) and a sister (age 12).

My parents led me to God as a child. I will never forget my father teaching me to pray. In addition, my parents bought me my first Bible and knew it was important for me to be part of a community of believers.

And although I learned about God as a child, I don’t believe I had a real relationship with Him. I considered myself a person of faith even though I would go to discos and spend long hours playing computer games and in other time-wasting pursuits.

But when I was 16, God changed all of that. He spoke to me through a number of people in my youth group and through the Bible, revealing to me that He doesn’t want me to lead an empty life. I suddenly had a new understanding of the words in James 4:5: “Do you think the Scripture says in vain, ‘The Spirit who dwells in us yearns jealously’?”

It was one of many Bible verses that spoke to me. This verse changed my life, helping me to realize that I wanted to follow a single, true path in Jesus Christ.

Suddenly, great things happened. I began to teach little children about God in our congregation, helping in youth groups or youth camps. I was given responsibility to interpret Scripture texts that we used in our youth meetings.

My prayer life changed as well. I remember praying for wisdom and greater understanding of God’s word. And because God is faithful, He answered me. My pastor asked if I’d like to attend the Bible School in Martin and participate in the Timothy program. He gave me both emotional and financial support, and so did my parents and friends. It was great to have their testimonies!

Today, after two years of study, I can say my time in the Bible School in Martin has given me much more than a better knowledge of the Bible. I have met many wonderful people who also want to serve God. I’m especially thankful for my classmates with whom I spent many happy hours in class. I admire the teachers for their wisdom, their work and their ministry. I appreciate the time they spent with me and my classmates—even on weekends! I’m sure we’re all grateful for the care given us.

Knowing God’s truths opened my eyes and made my life more meaningful. Many people don’t know God. I feel responsible for helping to spread the Gospel to those people. My hope is that I will be an instrument in God’s hands.

I don’t know for sure where God will ultimately lead me, but I believe He has a plan for my life. Now that I’ve completed the Timothy program and after much deliberation and prayer, I have decided to study theology at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Bratislava. If I succeed, I hope to become a pastor ministering to all people. My path is just beginning!


CCE’s two-year Timothy program prepares students for youth ministry and costs 1.464€  per student. Consider sponsoring one of our Timothy students for all or part of the program! For more information, contact our Director of Development, Sisa Schudichova, at sisa.schudichova@gmail.com.

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