Our Faithful and True Christ—Our Reason for Rejoicing!

The children are singing to the Lord and their message of rejoicing is an example to us all. They show us how great our praise to Him should be.

These are the words the children sing: “S láskou, s láskou Kristovou chceme niesť, radostnú a slávnu zvesť” (With love, the love of Christ we want to bear in joyful and glorious tidings.)

The words of these beautiful and blessed songs are sounding forth in a full church! Joining our Preschool, Elementary school, High school, and college students, the parents and grandparents, the teachers and staff of the Center for Christian Education. During this Easter season, we all rejoice in Christ and remember His sacrifice on the cross – for the love of all of us.

The Bible’s words from Philippians 4:4 say:
“Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!”

  • We have a reason to rejoice because we have the gift of grace!
  • We have a reason to rejoice because we belong to Christ!
  • We have a reason to rejoice because young people and older generations
    have come to God!

Blessed Easter to all of you!

The Center for Christian Education staff

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One Response to Our Faithful and True Christ—Our Reason for Rejoicing!

  1. Thanks for the wonderful song and message. You are doing a great work. Have a happy Easter and many blessings.
    Dave and Lois Klostreich

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