Things Not Found in the Literature Textbook

An organization called “Ars_Litera” focuses on bringing authors into local high schools and school libraries to do readings from their works. Seeing the value of such a program, Lutheran Academy in Martin decided to participate in this program. The aim is to allow students to meet Slovak writers through personal visits to the schools. The first author to visit Lutheran Academy was the popular Slovak writer, Veronica Sikulova.

Not everything can be learned from school books, especially things that are very current or new. The project “Zivy bic” (live whip), was created to offer high school students the opportunity to meet talented writers personally. Many of these writers’ works will not be school books yet.

Veronica Sikulova’s visit at Lutheran Academy was a great success. Pupils were very enthusiastic about Veronica’s stories and her catchy reading and talking style. They enjoyed hearing about how Veronica came to writing, when she started, and what her first ideas and themes were. Ms. Sikulova answered questions about her writing schedule, how her work relates to required school literature, and what she enjoys reading herself.

Meeting a ‘real’ writer was an amazing experience for the students. They particularly enjoyed the writer’s gripping language style and her efforts to showcase the value of everyday human life. Her insight into the intimate lives of her characters and how they cope with difficulties drew a very vivid picture for readers who may be struggling with similar issues. Students at Lutheran Academy agreed. “Veronica Sikulova held my interest with her individuality and intelligence,” said student Daniel Dulla. “It was such a lovely experience, meeting a real author.”

We would like to thank Veronica Sikulova for sharing a pleasant afternoon with us. We are looking forward to discovering more of the beauty and value of Slovak literature when we meet other authors—living Slovak legends!


Author Profile:

Veronica Sikulova, born in 1967, is a Slovak novelist. She comes from Modra and lives with her family in Pezinok. She currently works at the Malokarpathia library. Ms. Sikulova is the daughter of the famous Slovak writer Vincent Sikula, has a degree in Journalism, and previously worked as a magazine editor. Her debut collection of short novels Shades, was published in 1997 and won the Ivan Krasko prize. Other novels include From the Window, 1999, Lunar Rainbow, 2003, and a children’s book The Milk has a Fever, 2006. One Painted House, published in 2009, is a collection of short stories. Her last two books are Net Places, 2011, and Sweater’s Holes, 2012.

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