“In many ways the exchange was a very good learning experience”

Tea Adeola from Finland, student intern

We have had a dear friend Tea from Finland, visit us in Slovakia. She and her friend Elina served to our children in Lutheran elementary school in Martin during last school term. THANK YOU FOR SERVING!!

Tea´s life in Finland is pretty much settled now. She studying and working as before. Tea has waiting some time for the winter to arrive to Finland but now there´s really -20 degrees outside. „Finally we have some light too and it’s not dark all the time“, wrote Tea in her letter ☺

How did you come up with the idea of studying, serving and practicing your skills with children in Slovakia?
I decided to go to Slovakia as the internship place sounded like the best option concerning my studies as I will become a church youth worker. I think the Bible studies were a good bonus and I really learnt a lot. Maybe in a way Slovakia sounded so exotic too that I wanted to see what it can offer, and it did a lot!

What do you find most rewarding in your service here in Slovakia?
I think it was rewarding to be with the kids and see that they were enjoying our activities and to teach them new things.

What is your definition of “mission”?
Hmm. It is hard to come up with one definition but I think it is about loving thy neighbor and through that teaching and doing good deeds and of course spreading the good news.

Do you consider your work here to be a mission?
I hadn’t thought about it before, but yes maybe in a way it was a mission. I hope I was able to teach something but also I learnt a lot.

How did you like Slovakia?
I love Slovakia and I really hope to come back some day. All of you at CCE made us feel warmly welcome and it was easier to adapt. Some way I think that Finland is not so different from Slovakia and I didn’t really encounter a strong culture shock.

Was there anything you have learned during your stay in Slovakia?
Like I stated earlier already, I did learn a lot, about different cultures, about the bible, about myself, about life… In many ways the exchange was a very good learning experience.

You have accomplished a lot during those days. You brought in tremendous effort. Is there anything you take home in return?

New information and patience :)

What was the first thing you did when you came home?
I wandered around all the 46 squares of our apartment (haha) just looking around and trying to realize that I was actually home. Quite soon after that I actually started unpacking my luggage which usually takes me weeks.. It was hard for me to be alone again as I spent all my time with people so I kept busy meeting my friends etc.

Now you are at home, what is your next calling?
Well now I started my last year at school and in March we will do our last internship. The rest of the year me and Elina will dedicate to writing our thesis and by God’s grace we will graduate this Christmas. Time will show what happens next. :)

If you think about Slovakia, what will be first idea what comes up in your mind?
Kind people with warm heart and a diverse and amazing nature.

Dear Tea, thank you for your answers!

We wish you a great year ahead and may God bless you. Our regards and prayers are with you, take care!

CCE Staff

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