Lutheran Elementary School in Martin is winning awards

We are very happy for our many successful students and satisfied parents. We are also happy for the growing quality of education which we see, as evidenced from the many first place awards that the Lutheran Elementary School has won lately. The school’s good quality invites parents to come and take a look at our unique education style. Later, parents will be invited to participate in school worship services or in the large social projects through which we try to help and serve others. School is therefore a place that we can call a blessed mission field for entire Slovak families.

The Lutheran Elementary School in Martin, which was established in 2003, sent off its first 9th graders last school year. Many of them continue now at the Lutheran High School in Martin, of course. We are very happy for that because the Lutheran Elementary School and the Lutheran High School are two parts of one institution, called the Lutheran Academy (LA).

English – one of priorities of education

English language is the first priority of Lutheran Elementary School. We have great Slovak English teachers, but also American, British English teachers. Students have learned English as a foreign language from the first grade. English content and language are integrated into the whole learning process; we call this English learning method CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). Through CLIL, many subjects are taught in English, such as geography, mathematics, physics or biology. Many courses in the Humanities are also offered in English, including history, environmental education, music, and visual arts.

Success is not only about English, of course ☺. Students have also achieved excellent results in Slovak language and literature, and mathematics. We know this because the Lutheran Elementary school in Martin participated in voluntary testing of elementary school pupils. The results from testing, called KOMPARO, showed that the Lutheran Elementary School in Martin was ranked in the top 25% of most successful Slovak elementary schools!

Ready to help others

The engagement of students through different social projects is one of the strongest characteristics of Lutheran Elementary School in Martin. We believe that helping our neighbors makes sense and can help to improve the difficult situation of other people. Twice per year, Lutheran Elementary School has undertaken large social projects involving the whole school. We are sure that, “the involvement of each class and each student allows for a growing social awareness and increases students’ willingness to help the poor and needy,” said Lutheran Elementary School director Jozef Sopoliga.

One really pleasant surprise is the very positive feedback from students. Their willingness to give money and create gifts is an especially valuable example for adults. Therefore, parents of our students often participate in social projects, too. Our community is growing, thanks be to God!

In addition to our students, parents and teachers, people from the Lutheran congregation in Martin are also helping people from around the secular world. We can see a blessed mission in our town.

Through social projects, together we have helped children in Ukraine, we collected money for the building of an institute for education in Afghanistan. Students had helped children and young people born with HIV in Uganda and also immigrants from Somalia. The frequency and depth of social activities of our students and the surrounding community was appreciated by a non-profit organization “People in Peril,” that has been dealing with social assistance to the needy at home and abroad. “People in Peril” gave its annual award to the Lutheran Elementary School last November. The Lutheran Elementary School in Martin was awarded for “interconnection of global education, donations, and education for tolerance and openness.”

Spiritual formation and personal growth of students

Students from Lutheran Elementary School achieve excellent results from the Bible Olympics every year. Their other Christian activities are daily morning devotions and regular worship services, which the children have enjoyed very much. These are only some of the students’ favorite activities aimed at personal growth and spiritual formation. The daily work of the school psychologist, student pastor, and the use of special pedagogies all combine to lead to the right formations of our students, too. It is very helpful that these professionals are dedicated to both the common and individual needs of Lutheran Elementary School students. These improvements have led to further special awards for the Lutheran Elementary School in Martin – Lutheran Elementary School fulfilled the strict criteria from UNICEF to receive the certificate called “Child-friendly School”. Our school received this rare award the last three years in a row.

Leisure activities and popular projects

In addition to spiritual formation activities, Lutheran Elementary School students have the opportunity to attend a wide range of popular leisure clubs, such as cooking, healthcare, theater, chess or football. Popular among pupils are environmental projects such as “Seven wonders of Martin´s area” or “Recycling”. Children also enjoy socio – cultural projects, such as “Inconspicuous Heroes,” “School for Life,” “More than Money Project,” and “How to be Responsible.” Lutheran Elementary School also provides some international school projects, such as the “Secret Power of Media,” through which pupils recognize the power and impact of current media, or another called “Italian eTwinning Label,” through which students discover the beauty of other cultures and cuisines.

Join us!

The Lutheran Elementary School in Martin is one of the best elementary schools in this area of Slovakia. We are looking for other successful students and satisfied parents. We are very thankful for them and for you, dear friends and readers, because you and your prayers are part of us! Thank you for your patronage and prayers for the Lutheran Elementary School, its staff, students, and the whole community in Martin.

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  1. Irmgard Swanson says:

    This all sounds so exciting! I am very happy about this good news and continue to thank God for his great blessings on you.

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