I admire the will of those people who lead Lutheran Academy in Martin

Mrs Krčíková is the mom of Dorotka, a 2nd grade pupil at the Lutheran Academy in Martin. We asked also her to see a “mom´s view” of our school. This idea began with our interest in children, but it’s also about the parents and the families.

Your daughter, Dorotka, visits Lutheran elementary school that is a part of Lutheran Academy in Martin. This school is still regarded as a new school if it´s compared with many older schools around it. As we know, it takes some time for the school to gain credibility. What convinced you to enroll your daughter, Dorotka, at our school?

Dorotka is the first of my children to attend school so I have no personal experience or experience to compare the Lutheran Elementary School with other schools. Thanks to my job, I met many people from the Lutheran Academy shortly before my daughter began to study there.

The enthusiasm that the staff has for for kids, their energy and their effort to do things in an excellent manner are what impressed me. I realize that the Lutheran Academy is still “in its infancy.” This brings the possibility of many troubles and perhaps also criticism for minor flaws. Nevertheless, I admire the will of the people who lead this school and appreciate their optimism to overcome these possible obstacles.

What do you appreciate the most about your daughter´s school?

I appreciate Mr. Martin Pilát, the main teacher in my daughter´s class. His great interaction with the students is reflected not only in how much the kids learn, but especially in how my daughter Dorotka likes to go to school very much every day! I am also grateful that the school is focused on English not only in the classroom but also in extracurricular activities.

How would you compare the Lutheran Elementary School to other primary schools?

I did not grow up in a Christian family. The Communism government that existed when I was teenager did not provide me with the opportunity to get acquainted with the Lutheran religion. Nevertheless, thanks to the kind upbringing of my parents, I have a deep-rooted belief in fairness and I respect others as well as myself. I strongly believe that my children will be guided to do right in this school.

Thank you for the interview!

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